The DAB Pump Difference

For more than four decades, DAB Pumps have paved the way in water movement and management industry technologies. DAB provides technological solutions that put humans at the centre of every action, strategy, and development plan they do. They prioritise ensuring reliability and efficiency while optimising energy usage in residential, commercial, agricultural, and irrigation applications. Due to these significant reasons, AllAbout Pumps & Pipes did not miss the opportunity to partner with them. 

Quality Assurance 

DAB Pumps is a renowned brand among the water and irrigation community. High-quality standards and components are used in these pumps. In fact, each pump is manually tested by an employee before being available for sale in the market. This is how DAB makes sure you receive the best quality possible. The professional caliber of DAB’s consumer product line is also clear, making it a good choice for commercial and residential use. 

 DAB Pumps are renowned for product longevity. Their range of irrigation and water products often surpasses 10 years in service, indicating reliability and quality. The level of assurance is achieved through a focus on research and development. DAB innovation constantly develops simpler ways to install, use, and maintain its products. 

DAB CEO, Sandro Stramare expressed, 

“Simple and efficient solutions are the biggest types of innovations. The technology of our products speaks the same language as those who buy or use them. This is our strength.” 

Sprinkler system for irrigation.

Why Choose DAB Pumps? 

DAB provides the following benefits: 

  1. PROVIDING A SOLUTION FOR WATER MANAGEMENT[Text Wrapping Break]DAB pumps can genuinely improve everyone’s quality of life. Their assistance is beneficial for residential, commercial, agricultural, and irrigation systems in addition to domestic necessities. 
  1. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS[Text Wrapping Break]Research and development are key for DAB’s advancement in such a competitive industry. DAB’s dedication to technologically advanced water systems enabled their Esybox Max pump to receive the best product of the year 2022 by the British Pump Manufacturers Association. The pump included an electronic booster set, integrated connectivity, compact design and the possibility of energy saving. 
  1. ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES[Text Wrapping Break]DAB Pumps also respects the environment. People and the environment are prioritized in their development strategy years from now, which encourages ethical behaviour. This is how they respond to the market, the framework in which they operate, and their clients. 

To provide you with a better idea, below is our technical catalogue: 

➔  Circulators 

➔  Electronic In-Line Pumps 

➔  In-Line Pumps 

➔  Multist. Centrif. And Self Priming P. 

➔  Electronic Centrifugal Pumps 

➔  Centrifugal Pumps 

➔  Submersible Pumps 

➔  Submersible Pumps And Motors 

➔  Pressure Units 

➔  Fire Fighting 

➔  Swimming Pool Pond And Salt Water Pumps 

Most of these products have the following characteristics: 

  • Protect the pumps with the help of integrated safety devices.  Thus, they can prolong the pump’s useful lifetime due to the elimination of the water hammer and rotation of the pump. 
  • Save power by keeping pump consumption and can drive pumps of up to 15 kW. 
  • Most products are also equipped with pressure and optional flow sensors, allowing better pressure regulation. 
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications which ensure the most practicality and lengthen the system’s typical working life. 
  • Their products also help in the reduction of electric consumption and allow to remotely control installations. 
  • Designed for water circulation in heating and cooling systems in public and commercial buildings. 
  • Suitable for sanitary water systems, air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration. Also, they can automatically adapt to the different systems’ different needs. 
Dripping tap.

DAB Pumps: A Life Saver 

The partnership between DAB Pumps and AllAbout Pumps & Pipes is ongoing. So, if you are in need of pumps for your business or your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is here to help you find what best fits your needs. 

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