A Beginner’s Guide to Water Filtration Cartridges

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A water filtration cartridge is a tool used in water purification systems. Some water filtration cartridges may be smaller than the palm of your hand, while some are as big as a fluorescent lamp. Each has a significant role in the purification process. Today, we will share information about water filtration cartridges, their various types, and their applications.

When Do We Use Water Filtration Cartridges?

Water filtration cartridges may not be as foreign to you as they may sound. Some of the known applications of this product are close to our homes. For instance, a type of water filtration cartridge in Queensland is used in aquariums to filter the water in the tank. Swimming pools also use water filtration cartridges to remove debris from the pool water. There are also water filtration cartridges that purify tap water.

Manufacturing plants, water treatment facilities, pharmaceutical laboratories, and other workplaces use more intricate water filter cartridges to eliminate microscopic contaminants. 

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Types of Water Filtration Cartridges

The different kinds of contaminants brought forth different types of water filter cartridge. Food safety and environmental hazards are also responsible for different types of water filtration cartridges developed up to this day. Here are some of the most common ones in the market nowadays:

Carbon Filters

Carbon cartridges eliminate chlorine taste and odour from all water from a public water supply. Granular activated carbon and carbon block are the two primary subtypes of carbon water filtration cartridges.

Carbon block cartridges eliminate lead and other common contaminants from your drinking water. Granulated activated carbon cartridges, in contrast, enable water to pass through the whole length of the carbon medium before exiting the other end, enhancing the exposure of the water to the medium.

Sediment Filters

Sediment cartridges come in different designs and sizes. They remove the rust, dirt, and sand frequently found in water from corroded pipes. One of the most widely used sediment water filter cartridges is pleated filters. The pleated design of this water filter cartridge allows more surface area and a longer lifespan.

Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge

A ceramic filter is a simple water filtration cartridge that filters impurities from the water through its pores. Oxygen and minerals are unaffected by ceramic filters, giving the water its spring-like freshness and flavour.

Ice Maker Water Filtration Cartridge

Icemaker filters serve as an inline post filter for reverse osmosis. They act as a polishing filter, attaching to the membrane enclosure and filtering the water after it goes through the bladder tank. Icemaker filters gain their name from their applications in the fabrication of appliances. That is all about the basics when it comes to water filter cartridges. If you have more questions or enquiries, you may reach out to a reliable supplier of water filtration cartridges in Australia. Visit Allabout Pumps and Pipes (ALPP) today!

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