Happy Birthday Lori

On this special day, we celebrate the incredible Lori Heaton, the heart and soul of Allabout Pumps & Pipes. As the female owner of the store and the loving wife of Neil Heaton, Lori has left an indelible mark on the business and the lives of those she touches.

Lori’s dedication to customer service is truly remarkable. Even if she doesn’t have all the intricate plumbing details at her fingertips, she goes above and beyond to assist every customer, ensuring their needs are met with a smile and a can-do attitude.

Stepping into the store, you’re greeted by the wide range of plumbing supplies and Lori’s warm and welcoming smile that makes you feel right at home.You know that feeling when you call the store, and there’s this friendly voice on the other end?

Yep, that’s Lori making sure every interaction feels like a breeze.But that’s not all – Lori’s dedication goes beyond the front counter. Her hard work behind the scenes, in the back office, keeps the gears of the business running like clockwork, day in and day out.

Happy birthday Lori
Lori Heaton Smiling at the Pacific Masters Games.

Lori’s journey is an inspiring one. A breast cancer survivor, she fearlessly competes in the Gold Coast Currumbin Dragon Boat Racing ‘Pinks’ club, demonstrating her resilience and strength.

Beyond her role in the store, she’s a devoted grandmother to two grandchildren, showering them with love and spending cherished moments together.

Lori smiling at the entrance at Allabout Pumps and Pipes.

Her love for travel and her adventurous spirit are evident in her stories of living in Papua New Guinea during her early years and her continuous desire to explore new places.As she celebrates her birthday, let’s take a moment to honour Lori’s invaluable contributions to the store, her unwavering positivity, and her beautiful spirit. May this year bring her joy, laughter, and wonderful adventures.

Happy Birthday, Lori! Your presence brightens our lives, and we’re grateful for all you are. :tada::partying_face:

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