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Absolute quality, durability and reliability— these are the qualities that we seek when utilising the best products from our best suppliers. We all know that Australia has some of the harshest weather conditions. To make it easier for our clients and customers, we aim to find and source the best products out there to satisfy their needs.

From our tiniest sprinklers, filters, pumps, pipes, adhesives and other products are surely of absolute quality from they are brought to us by our most reliable suppliers. Take your time browsing and have a click on the pictures to know more information about the products in this catalogue. We are proud to inform you that these products are from our trusted suppliers such as WILO Pumps, DARVEY Pumps, LOWARD Pumps—  naming only some.

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Orbit RX-1

The RX-1, a rain switch developed for use with 24V output sprinkler controllers to interrupt the scheduled watering cycle in the event of rain. The RX-1 mounts easily to a gutter or wall.


  • UL listed Micro Switch.
  • Three wires for compatibillity with most sprinkler controllers. Blue wire used for normal open situations.
  • UV protected material.

Mechanical Specifications:

Materials: ABS with UV inhibitors.
Approvals: UL® listed.
Five rainfall settings: 3mm, 6mm,12mm, 18mm, 25mm
Vent Ring: Adjustable to varying drying times for hydroscopic disc set.

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