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Wilo-HiMulti 3C











Self-priming horizontal multistage pressure pump.

Your advantages
Simple: Plug & Pump system
Efficient: Highly efficient hydraulics, low electricity consumption and very compact thanks to motor optimisation
Automatically operating system and dry-running protection thanks to Wilo-HiControl 1
Low-noise: Noise level between 56 dB(A) and 64 dB(A)
360° rotatable electronic pump control HiControl 1 for easy installation

Water-supply system with automatic pump control system in non self-priming version (HiMulti 3 C) or self-priming version (HiMulti 3 C P)

Water supply (drinking water certification in accordance with ACS)
Irrigation and spraying
Rainwater utilisation

Directly flanged motor
Connection cable with plug
Thermal motor protection switch
Automatic pump control
Low-water cut-out switch

Scope of delivery
Pump control Wilo-HiControl 1
1 piece plastic connector with seal for manual connection to the inlet pipe
Wilo-Connector (electrical quick connector)
Installation and operating instructions

Technical data
Mains connection: 1~230 V, 50 Hz
Perm. fluid temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C (+55 °C for 10 min)
Perm. ambient temperature: -15 °C to +40 °C
Permissible storage temperature: -30 °C to +60 °C
Max. permissible operating pressure: 8 bar
Max. permissible inlet pressure: 3 bar
Start-up pressure: 1.5 bar
Switch off volume flow: 95l/h
Protection class: IP54
Suction side connection: Rp1
Connection on pressure side: Rp1
Information about the automatic can be found in the documentation for Wilo-HiControl 1

Pump housing in Technopolymer with ACS, WRAS and KTW drinking certifications
Impellers and stage casing made of Noryl 30% GF with drinking water certification in accordance with ACS, WRAS and KTW
Pump cover and shaft made of stainless steel
Mechanical seal made of ceramic/carbon
Housing for the pressure monitoring made of Nylon PA6 with drinking water certification in accordance with ACS



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