Pond Pump Planner

Welcome to our pond pump planner, tips and planning section, where no project is too big or, too small.

Here you will find the guidance that you need, to help you in the right direction when planning an important project. If on the other hand you find it all a bit overwhelming and you would like our help, just use this planner and we will do the rest. Here you will find detailed instructions on what to measure, where to measure and any other details that is required for your design.

Once you have filled in all of the information, go ahead and press the send button. All the information will land on our teams desk.

Our team will have a look while their minds are ticking over in what products to use, how to set things up, cost effectiveness and quality in mind. Once they have sorted out the details they will contact you to discuss your plans further and in more detail. So, start planning, have a go, or, you can simply leave it up to our team of dedicated staff. Whatever you decide, GET GOING with this pond pump planner, and ENJOY!

All measurements should be in metres please.

Fill out the form below, diagram should help explain the measurements required.


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