Fertiliser Injectors

fertiliser injectors

Here at Allabout Pumps & Pipes we have fertiliser injectors to suit your situation when it comes to your projects. Our range can vary at times, so if you don’t see what you need, or require advice on a product, just contact us. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to help you.

We only utilise the best suppliers so we can pass on these quality products to our customers. So, if you need fertiliser injectors then we have a great selection for you along with sound advice on how to utilise it. We have Dosatron, Mazzei to Venturi in-store.

As a business we believe there are strong reasons to buy products from us. Our extensive range offers quality, excellent reliability, durability and efficiency. In turn, this results in lower operating costs and absolute peace of mind for our customers which is our core focus.

Please be advised that this is not a shopping site. If you need help with any project big or small, or are looking to find a product, just contact us. Our friendly staff at Allabout Pumps & Pipes will be able to assist with any information that you need on fertiliser injectors and more.

Dosatron DI16 Fertiliser Injector


Used to inject soluble or liquid fertiliser in greenhouse, open field and landsacpe watering systems.


  • Can be installed directly on main line (Check user guide)
  • Dose of concentrate always proportional to volume of water entering dispenser
  • No power needed
  • Uses hydraulics from irrigation system
  • No waste water
  • Low pressure flow operstion


  • Body – Delrin
  • Dosing stem – Polypropylene and polyethylene
  • Piston – Polyurethane, nylon, nitrile, delrin
  • Built in protection filter 50 mesh
  • Maximum operating temperature 40°C
  • Maximum head loss 140kPa at max flow rate
  • Maximum suction height 4 metres
  • Practical operating flow 10L/Hr-2500L/Hr through injector
  • Operating pressure 30-600kPa
  • Maximum injected solution at 10L/hr 0.02L/Hr
  • Maximum injected solution at 2500L/hr 40L/Hr
  • Adjustable dosage 0.2% to 1.6%
  • Inlet/outlet 20mm BSP male

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