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Southern Cross Pumps have been around for a few years and are a reliable and durable range of pumps available to our business.

When it comes to Southern Cross Pumps, our team believes in quality, durability and reliability and these are qualities that we seek when sourcing the best products. Taking this into consideration, we all know, Australia has some of the harshest weather conditions. So, in order to make it easier on our customers, we as a team like to seek a good range of pumps on behalf of our customers.

As a business, customer satisfaction is our main focus when it comes to any product in our range. Please be aware, that this is not a shopping site, but it is a site where we have information on Southern Cross Pumps. If you need help with any project big or small, or are looking to find a product, just contact us. Our great team are very knowledgeable when it comes to the Southern Cross brand product range.

So, if you would like to check out the Southern Cross Pumps range, have a browse in the catalogue below. If you prefer to check out our other suppliers and more of our range of pumps just click here.

Southern Cross T-Series Pedestal Mounted Helical Rotor


  • Positive displacement helical rotor type pumps for the transfer of a variety of liquids including:
    • Water
    • Soft Macerated Sewerage
    • Soft Abattoir Effluent
    • Animal and Vegetable Oils
    • Piggery Effluent
    • Slurries


  • Pump to high heads or over long distances
  • High efficiency, low maintenance.
  • Constant non-pulsating discharge in either direction
  • Low power and running costs
  • Wide operating speed range for variable output
  • Australian designed and manufactured.
  • Up to 19 litres per second discharge
  • Heads to 120 metres
  • 40 to 100mm flanged connections

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