Solvents & Adhesives

Solvents and Adhesives

Are you looking for quality Solvents and Adhesives for your next project? Then you are in the right place! We at Allabout Pumps & Pipes offer our customers a great range of Solvents and Adhesives perfect for any pipes, from poly piperural pipemetric pipe up to PVC pipe

As a business, we believe there are strong reasons to buy products from us. Our extensive range of solvents and adhesives offer excellent reliability, efficiency, and durability. In turn, this results in lower operating costs and peace of mind. Our range can sometimes vary, so if you don’t see what you need, or require advice on a product, just contact us. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to help you. We only utilise the best suppliers to deliver these quality products to our customers.

When it comes to our products, they use leading technology and are sold by a committed team of sales staff. We find that people who use our systems benefit from experienced staff and support from a skilled supplier network. So have a look through our catalogue and enjoy.

Please be advised that this is not a shopping site. If you need help with solvent and adhesives selection or are looking for a product, just contact us. Our team at Allabout Pumps & Pipes will be able to assist with sizing, measurements, and much more.

Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue

Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue® is a very aggressive, blue, medium bodied, fast setting PVC solvent cement. It is chemically the “hottest” solvent cement formulation available on the market today. It is designed to be used on all schedules and classes of PVC pipe and fittings through 150mm sizing.

Red Hot Blue Glue is the easiest-to-use and most reliable solvent cement for irrigation
Fast setting for quick pressurization.
Excellent viscosity for uniform coverage and “no blown joints”.
Works well in all weather conditions, wet or dry

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