Tapping Bands

Tapping Bands


Pressure UPVC pipe networks carrying water.


High pressure water tapping bands designed to replace metal fittings in buried irrigation pipe networks, noryl tapping bands provide the same resistance to physical abuse while guaranteeing a permanent resistance to corrosion.


  • Body – two bands bolted together to form a clamp around the pipe. Halves constructed NORYL GTX 820 resin (20% glass filled). Noryl is a blend of polystyrene and poly phenylene oxide which is noted for its rigidity, heat resistance, good electrical and chemical resistance with strong dimensional stability.
  • Stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers (10mm)
  • Seal – resilient seat sealing ring ‘E’ lip nitrile rubber.
  • Pressure class PN16 (1600kpa)

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