API – Spin Clean Filters

API – Spin Clean Filters


High quality screen filter for agriculture and landscape irrigation systems.


AG Products “Spin Clean™” filters are unique in that incoming dirty water is forced through a directional nozzle plate onto the inside of the stainless steel screen. This creates a centrifugal action which rotates debris down he screen wall to the large debris holding basin. Debris is flushed out via a ball valve or unscrewing cap. Spinning action keeps more of the screen area clean, minimizing pressure losses due to excessive dirt build-up.


  • 20mm and 25mm inlet/outlet
  • Two piece threaded housing with ‘O’ ring seal.
  • Molded from high heat and chemical resistant ABS plastic.
  • Ball valve for flushing debris.
  • Stainless steel filter screen.
  • 20mm screen area 585mm
  • 25mm screen area 710mm
  • 20mm maximum size cleaning efficiency 15LPM
  • 25mm maximum size cleaning efficiency 26LPM
  • Maximum operating pressure 550kPA
  • Mesh selection 50, 100, 150
  • 20mm maximum flow 42LPM
  • 25mm maximum flow 105LPM

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