Davey Irrigation Pumps

Davey Irrigation Pumps

Davey have an extensive range of pumps and pumping systems suitable for all types of irrigation systems. Our centrifugal, multistage and submersible pumps are the ideal choice for efficient and reliable turf watering and agricultural irrigation pumping systems. High performance, quality materials and the Davey support network make these pumps ideal selection for irrigation pumping applications.

Product Categories

  • Engine-Powered Self Priming Pumps
    • The Davey range of engine-driven self-priming pumps are versatile enough to handle a range of applications including firefighting, water transfer, irrigation, boom spraying, agricultural spraying (such as sheep jetting), and deep well jet pump applications. The required flow and pressure will determine which type of pump in the engine-driven self priming pump range suits your needs.
    • Twin impeller models offer several operating advantages over single stage pumps – up to 50% more pressure, or the option of reducing the engine speed to conserve fuel and extend engine life.
  • General-Purpose Electric Pumps
    • The Davey range of general-purpose electric pumps include single-stage and multistage centrifugal models, as well as jet-assisted single-stage centrifugal models. All feature Davey’s legendary reliability.
    • Ideal for general water transfer or irrigation around the home, farm or commercial premises, these pumps are all designed to cope with varying water quality.
    • Special models designed for salt water and a variety of benign chemical applications are also available.
  • Self Priming Electric Pumps
    • When the water you are pumping may contain soft solids, Davey self-priming open impeller centrifugal pumps are the answer.
    • There’s a Davey model to handle your job, whether it be pumping water out of a basement, septic water removal or effluent disposal from a dairy or piggery.

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