Davey Rural Water Supply

Davey Rural Water Supply

Since Davey started business in 1934, we have developed astrong association with the rural customer. Davey have been manufacturing and supplying reliable pumps and pressure systems for the man on the land ever since.

From the outset we at Davey knew our products needed to be tough enough to withstand harsh Australian conditions in all their extremes. It’s little wonder then that Davey customers around the world have come to depend on Davey for reliable rural water supply systems.

Product Categories

  • Deep Well & Commercial Jet Pumps
    • The Davey range of quality Australian-made deep well pumps and pressure systems is ideal for supplying high pressure water from suction lifts beyond 7.5 metres. By submerging the jet and venturi down the bore, flows can be provided from as deep as 50 metres.
    • Deep well systems can also be installed in horizontally off-set situations to draw water from distant dams, rivers etc. This allows the pump to be mounted away from the source of water to gain access to power, or in places where there is the possibility of flooding.
  • Engine-Powered Self Priming Pumps
    • The Davey range of engine-driven self-priming pumps are versatile enough to handle a range of applications including firefighting, water transfer, irrigation, boom spraying, agricultural spraying (such as sheep jetting), and deep well jet pump applications. The required flow and pressure will determine which type of pump in the engine-driven self priming pump range suits your needs.
    • Twin impeller models offer several operating advantages over single stage pumps – up to 50% more pressure, or the option of reducing the engine speed to conserve fuel and extend engine life.
  • General-Purpose Electric Pumps
    • The Davey range of general-purpose electric pumps include single-stage and multistage centrifugal models, as well as jet-assisted single-stage centrifugal models. All feature Davey’s legendary reliability.
    • Ideal for general water transfer or irrigation around the home, farm or commercial premises, these pumps are all designed to cope with varying water quality.
    • Special models designed for salt water and a variety of benign chemical applications are also available.
  • Packaged Pump Systems
    • Davey offers an extensive range of packaged pump sets, suitable for a wide variety of applications. Davey can also manufacture purpose-built pump sets, which can include any combination of Davey centrifugal, multi-stage or jet pumps specifically designed to meet the demands of the application. Control options range from standard electromechanical to the flexibility and power-saving capabilities of variable speed control.
  • Shallow-Well & Commercial Jet Pumps
    • The Davey range of quality Australian-made shallow well pumps and pressure systems is ideal for supplying high-pressure water from bores, rivers and dams to applications ranging from garden sprinklers through to stock watering and wash-down applications.
    • Shallow well pumps offer versatility of performance. Simply by changing the jet and venturi, the performance of the pump can be altered to compensate for alterations to pipework systems, trough elevations, or other specific needs.
  • Stainless Steel Multistage Transfer Pumps
    • Davey stainless steel multistage pumps offer many unique features.
    • The space-saving design of the inline-V series with the inbuilt thrust-bearing offers a wide operating range and the ability to use standard electric motors.
    • The compactness of the M-series horizontal pumps with complete stainless steel hydraulic construction make these units suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Submersible Borehole Pumps
    • Reliability – that’s what you need in your bore – and with a Davey Submersible Borehole Pump, that’s what you get. Suitable for applications such as mine dewatering and turf watering, there’s a model to suit every need. Davey has been manufacturing borehole pumps for over 30 years, and every model features world-leading designs, exceptional material and legendary Davey reliability.

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