Davey Submersible Cutter & Shredder Pump

Davey Submersible Cutter & Shredder Pump

Single channel, sewage handling submersible sump pumps with a cutting impeller, capable of pumping semi-screened or grey water of neutral pH. Primarily used for sewage water pumping, the Davey Cutter pumps can also be used for sump emptying, septic effluent disposal, water transfer, pumping light slurries and factory waste, or pumping wastewater with stringy or long soft solids in suspension.

Corrosion resistant 304SS grade shaft, motor shell and fasteners mean a long service life, and an open impeller and single channel centrifugal design with a cutting leading edge means it is less susceptible to blockage and capable of higher heads and pressure. The ability to cut string like materials and pump soft solids in suspension reduces the risk of blockages in pipework or the pump itself.
A double mechanical shaft seal in oil bath with hard faced silicon carbide/ceramic seal on pump side/sand slinger lip seal provides added motor protection.

Davey recommends utilising slide rail kits with Cutter pumps, for easy removal and re-installation. There is a choice of either single or three phase motors. This product is not suitable for sanitary or flushable wipe products, please consider the Grinder models for this application.
Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.

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