Davey Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps

Davey Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps

Davey have an extensive range of pumps and pumping systems built to ISO specifications and suitable for all types industrial systems. Our centrifugal, multistage and pump systems offer unique features and performance advantages in a range of applications, including water transfer, pressure boosting and end suction. High performance, quality materials and the Davey support network make these pumps the ideal selection for industrial pumping applications.

Product Categories

  • Circulator Pumps
    • Davey Circulator pumps are ideal for circulation of hot or cold water in domestic heating applications, secondary hot water services, air conditioning or cooling systems. The advanced multi-speed canned motor ensures a long, reliable operating life.
  • General Purpose Electric Pumps
    • The Davey range of general-purpose electric pumps include single-stage and multistage centrifugal models, as well as jet-assisted single-stage centrifugal models. All feature Davey’s legendary reliability.
    • Ideal for general water transfer or irrigation around the home, farm or commercial premises, these pumps are all designed to cope with varying water quality.
    • Special models designed for salt water and a variety of benign chemical applications are also available.
  • ISOspec® Heavy Duty Industrial Centrifugal Pumps
    • Davey ISOspec® CM-series close-coupled pumps and CF-series bareshaft pumps have been designed to international standard ISO 2858. These new pressure systems are sturdy, reliable, long-lasting and high performing – qualities that our customers know to depend on from Davey.
  • Packaged Pump Systems
    • Davey offers an extensive range of packaged pump sets, suitable for a wide variety of applications. Davey can also manufacture purpose-built pump sets, which can include any combination of Davey centrifugal, multi-stage or jet pumps specifically designed to meet the demands of the application. Control options range from standard electromechanical to the flexibility and power-saving capabilities of variable speed control.
  • Self Priming Electric Pumps
    • When the water you are pumping may contain soft solids, Davey self-priming open impeller centrifugal pumps are the answer.
      There’s a Davey model to handle your job, whether it be pumping water out of a basement, septic water removal or effluent disposal from a dairy or piggery.
  • Sewage Pumps
    • Sewage or ‘grey’ water containing soft solids is ideal for these pumps. These submersible pumps are designed to pump semi-screened raw sewage and grey water with ease. When string-like materials may be present, the Cutter or “K” models offer the additional advantage of a special cutting tip on the impellers.
  • Special Purpose Pumps
    • Some pumping applications require special solutions. Davey offer pumps for special purposes like pumping hot water for commercial washing machines, chemicals for dog spas, cooling water for chillers and many other applications.
    • The products in this section give you some examples, but there are many more specialist applications for which a Davey pump will be suitable.
  • Stainless Steel Multistage Transfer Pumps
    • Davey stainless steel multistage pumps offer many unique features.
    • The space-saving design of the inline-V series with the inbuilt thrust-bearing offers a wide operating range and the ability to use standard electric motors.
    • The compactness of the M-series horizontal pumps with complete stainless steel hydraulic construction make these units suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Submersible Borehole Pumps
    • Reliability – that’s what you need in your bore – and with a Davey Submersible Borehole Pump, that’s what you get. Suitable for applications such as mine dewatering and turf watering, there’s a model to suit every need. Davey has been manufacturing borehole pumps for over 30 years, and every model features world-leading designs, exceptional material and legendary Davey reliability.
  • Sump Pumps
    • Davey Sump Pumps are tough suckers, with robust designs for long service lives.
    • Right from the smallest model through to the largest, these high quality sump pumps are designed to give years of dependable service.
    • With a choice of models, tasks ranging from the simple removal of clean nuisance water right through to the super-tough job of grinding and pumping of raw sewage are all comfortably within the capabilities of these pumps.

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