Dosatron D8R150 Fertiliser Injector

Dosatron D8R150 Fertiliser Injector


Used to inject to inject soluble or liquid fertiliser in greenhouse, open field and landscape watering systems.


  • Can be installed directly on main line (check user guide)
  • Dose of concentrate always proportional to volume of water entering dispenser
  • No power needed
  • Uses hydraulics from irrigation system
  • No waste water


  • Body – Delrin
  • Dosing stem – Polypropylene and polythylene
  • Piston – polyurethane, nylon, nitrile, delrin
  • Built in protection filter 32 mesh stainless steel
  • Maximum operting temperature 40ºC
  • Maximum head loss 70kPa at max flow rate
  • Maximum suction height 4 metres
  • Practical operating flow 5000-8000Lph through injector
  • Operating pressure 150-800kPa
  • Maximum injected solution at 500L/h – 25L
  • Maximum injected solution at 8000L/h – 400L
  • Adjustable dosage 1% to 5%
  • Inlet/outlet 50mm metric poly

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