Galcon DC6S & DC12S

Galcon DC6S & DC12S


Battery operated controller used to control Galcon DCV-25mm actuators for watering lawns and garden beds.


  • Operation of 6 to 12 valves plus a master valve (or pump using latching relay, optional extra).
  • Separate irigation schedule programmable for each valve.
  • Up to 4 irrigation activations per day per valve in programmable weekly schedule mode.
  • Programmable weekly/cyclical irrigation schedules.
  • Irrigation window in cyclical program mode (Loop mode).
  • Irrigation duration: 1 second to 12 hours.
  • Irrigation frequency from once every minute to once every 30 days in cyclical program.
  • Manual operation of individual valves.
  • Sequential manual operation of all valves.
  • Operation of valves up to 50 metres from the controller.

Main Features Specific to DC12Sgalcon-dc12s

  • Weather resistant.
  • Operated by four 9V alkaline batteries.
  • Operates Galcon DCV-25mm only.

Main Features Specific to DC6S

  • Weather resistant.
  • Operated by two 9V alkaline batteries.
  • Operates Galcon DCV-25mm only.

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