Grundfos SEG Pumps

Grundfos SEG Pumps


The SEG pumps are suitable for the following applications:

  • Pumping untreated sewage in small communities
  • Pumping of sewage in pressurised systems

Features & Benefits

The Grundfos SEG pump range features a variety of unique user benefits:

  • Enhanced reliability and better performance
    • Newly developed cartridge shalf seal system together with the epoxy sealed cable plug system, prevents liquid from penetrating into the motor
  • High discharge pressure enables transfer of sewage over longer distances
  • Improved grinder system
    • An efficient grinder system with easily replceable parts reduces downtime and facilitates quick and easy maintenance
  • Integrated SmartTrim impeller adjustment system ensures optimum performance at all times

Technical Data

  • Flow Q:max 18m3/h
  • Head H:max 45m
  • Liquid temp.: 0oC to +40oC
  • Pumped liquids: sewage with a PH value of 4 – 10 in permanent installations

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