Hunter Pro Adjustable Nozzles

Hunter Pro Adjustable Nozzles

Any spray head body that uses female-threaded nozzles can have the ultimate in versatility with a aHunter nozzle. And the most versatile of the wide array of hunter nozlles is the Adjustable Arc nozzle. With an easy turn by hand – no tools for 25 to 360 degrees to keep the spray in the areas as designed. In addition, the radius can be reduced up to 25% without changing the pattern distribution. Thus, virtually any landscape needs can be met, including those areas that require custom arcs. Today, more and more landscapes are calling for a nozzle that can be precisely set to handle meandering walkways or atypical, hard-to-handle sharp angles. Why keep an inventory of the many different odd arc nozzles that you would seldom use? When you stock Hunter Adjustable Arc nozzles, you’ll always have just the right nozzle…no matter what the job is.

The Ideal Solution for Curving Landscapes

Most nozzles have been designed specifically to provide optimum efficiency at the standard angles of 90, 180 and 360 degrees. And while most expanses of turf call for the use of such nozzles, today more and more landscapes are requiring a nozzle that can deliver effective coverage to sites whose plot plans don’t fall into these standard angles. Irregularly shaped planter beds and meandering walkways create landscapes with odd angles that are in need of an irrigation solution that can provide effective coverage. Hunter Adjustable Arc nozzles can be set at any angle from 25 to 360 degrees, allowing sprinklers to be fine-tuned to exactly the precise pattern needed. You’ll never need worry about having to much coverage (eliminating the wasted water that would normally end up overshooting your lawn and land on the sidewalk) or too little (no more dry spots for those few extra degrees of grass that other nozzles can’t quite reach). Best of all, no tools are required to adjust the arc, it’s all done easily by hand.

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