Hunter Pro Spray Fixed

Hunter Pro Spray Fixed

When we spray sprinklers are used in irrigation systems, fast and easy installation are two of the most important concerns for the installer. Both of those concerns are put at ease when the choice is a Hunter Fixed Pattern nozzle. While there are many landscapes that require precise fine-tuning to achieve the optimum coverage, the vast majority of spray heads that install call for the use of standard angle nozzles…that is, full-circle half-circle and quarter-circle patterns. When installing nozzles along straight runs or in areas that require 360º arcs, labour will be saved by not having to adjust each nozzle to those common patterns. With patterns that feature precise edges, Hunter Fixed Pattern nozzles have been painstakingly designed to provide superior coverage and minimize wind drift. Eight different radius ranges are available, each able to be reduced if needed for fine-tuning and each colour-coded for quick and easy radius identification.

Full, Even Coverage Across Every Pattern

Every Hunter Fixed Pattern Nozzle has been precision engineered to ensure that the entire area of coverage receives its intended amount of water. Whether it is a quarter-, half- or full-circle pattern, the discharge from the nozzle features a consistent trajectory from all sides, which assures delivery at the same high level of performance in every direction. Hunter nozzles also are noted for emitting the optimum droplet size: large enough to avoid the problems of misting, small enough to provide nice, even distribution.

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