Hunter Wireless Rain-Clik™

Hunter Wireless Rain-Clik™


If the thought of running wires from a controller has kept you from adding rain sensors to your systems, now there’s a hassle-free alternative. The Hunter Wireless Rain-Clik™ attaches quickly and easily – simply install the transmitter anywhere that the device can receive representative rainfall. No ladders needed to attach to a high outcropping on a building, no messy wires to hide out of view. What also sets a Hunter Rain-Clik™ apart are features no other rain-sensing device offers. The unique Quick Response™ feature allows the product to shut off immediately when it starts to rain. And, unlike its competition, Hunters sophisticated sensing mechanism cannot be
fouled by debris, giving the Wireless Rain-Clik™ the most highly accurate operation.


  • Hassle free, wire-free easy installation:
    Simple to add on to a new or existing installation
  • Hunter’s unique Quick Response™ feature:
    No need for water to accumulate for shutoff.
  • Modular mounting options:
    Variety of choices depending on the job site; gutter or wall mounts.
  • Set a maximum dry-out period:
    Adjust the irrigation re-start to account for varying amount of rain.
  • Operates up to 300′ from the reciever unit:
    Typical wired system limitations vanish.
  • Maintenance-free patented sensing mechanism:
    Built-in bypass switch on receiver panel.
  • Retrofit with ease:
    Installs on any system in minutes, no stringing or wiring.


  • Wiring: normally closed or normally open
  • Time to turn off irrigation system: 2 to 5 minutes for Quick Response
  • Time to reset Quick Response unit: 4 hours maximum under dry sunny conditions
  • Time to reset: 3 days maximum under dry sunny conditions for the total rainfall compensation unit
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 54°C
  • Vent ring allows for adjustment of reset delay
  • UV colourfast and stable
  • UL listed, FCC/DOC approved, suitable for use in Australia, CUL (CSE), CE
  • Rain sensor transmitting range: up to 300 feet line of sight

Electrical Specifications:

  • Receiver power: 22-28VAC/VDC, 100mA (from timer transformer)
  • Receiver includes built-in bypass switch, no extra switch requuired
  • Works with all standard controllers

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