Mazzei Injectors

Mazzei Injectors


Mazzei Injectors (patented) are extremely efficient, compact differential injection devices. Currently operating successfully in thousands of installations worldwide, Mazzei Injectors offer a reliable, accurate, and economical method to inject virtually any liquid or gas substance into a pressurised fluid stream.


The highly versatile Mazzei Injectors are suitable for a wide variety of applications.


  • Ag Irrigation Systems – to inject fertilisers and other chemicals or water treatment additives.
  • Ag Spray Systems – for mixing and/or the transfer of concentrated pesticide materials.
  • Food Processing – for water chlorination, injection of detergents, bacterial agents, other water treatment purification additives.

Home and Garden

  • Irrigation Systems – for application of liquid fertiliser through landscape sprinkler or drip irrigation systems, hose end sprinklers and/or spray nozzles. (Check Local codes)


  • Water Treatment – to inject air, liquids, gases (ozone), and other water purification chemicals for cooling tower or other water or fluid recirculatory systems, waste water systems, potable water systems.
  • Washing & Cleaning – to inject detergents, solvents, and other cleaning agents into carpet cleaning equipment, car wash systems, dishwashing equipment and other industrial cleaning processes.


  • Molded from high quality thermoplastics with superior strength, high temperature capability, resistant to most chemicals.
  • No moving parts, low-maintenance trouble-free operation.
  • Unique design allows maximumcavitation in the injection chamber, thereby providing instantaneous mixing
  • Ideally suited for continuous mixing functions, require no secondary blending devices.
  • Initial cost and installation cost are low
  • Powered by the motive fluid, no external energy required for most instllations.
  • Available in a broad range of sizes, flows and injection capacities.

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