Orange SP140 Submersible Pump

Orange SP140 Submersible Pump

Orange has an excellent range of Submersible Pumps for cellars, drains, storm water, sumps, water features, rain harvesting, sewage, dairies, grey water and other applications. Pump design varies to suit a range of applications.

SP140 – Solids Handling – Vortex Sump Pump

Vortex action creates whirlpool to pump solids
Dual carbon ceramic seals in oil bath
Additional lip seal protection
6 metre rubber electrical cable
Automatic fl oat switch option
Stainless Steel shaft
Inbuilt motor thermal
Liquid temperature at 45ºC (60ºC intermittent)

A – Storm water draining, cellars, sumps, water feature or rain harvesting.
B – Grey water, sullage, hair or silt in 90% water.

Technical Details:
Watts – 450 Watts
Solids – 25mm
Outlet – 50mm
Switch – Automatic

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