Plumma’s GREEN GLUE Solvent Cement • 250ml

Plumma’s GREEN GLUE Solvent Cement • 250ml

Physical Description and Colour: Viscous Green liquid
Odour: Characteristic odour of MEK
Boiling Point: 79~81℃
Freezing/Melting Point: not tested
% Volatile: >75
Vapour Pressure: 9,500Pa @ 20℃ (based on MEK)
Vapour Density: 2.4 @ 20℃ (based on MEK)
Specific Gravity: 0.96~1.00
Water Solubility: not soluble
pH: Not Applicable
Volatility: 100%
Odour Threshold: No data
Evaporation Rate: Not Applicable
Oil/Water Coefficient: No data
Autoignition Temperature: 321℃

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