PondMate Circulation Pumps

PondMate Circulation Pumps

Pumps range from 250 to 18000 litres per hour.

PondMate pumps are Ideal for fountains, water features and hydroponics. Comes with 3 metre cable for models PM250P to PM550P, 5 metre cable on models PM700P to PM4800P and 10 metre cable on models PM6000P to PM18000P. PM250P to PM8500P also feature flow control and are suitable for salt water applications. PM10000P to PM18000P feature vortex impellor.

2 Year Guarantee.

Also available, LOW VOLTAGE circulation pumps in models: 350, 550, 700, 1000, 1500, 2400 and 3500 LPH

PM250P PM1500P
Max head – 0.45m Max head – 1.80m
Max flow 250lph Max flow – 1500lph
PM350P PM2400P
Max head – 0.70m Max head – 2.3m
Max flow – 350lph Max flow – 2400lph
PM550P PM3500P
Max head – 1.3m Max head – 2.8m
Max flow – 550lph Max flow – 3500lph
PM1000P PM4800P
Max head – 1.80m Max head – 4.0m
Max flow 1000 lph Max flow – 4800lph

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