Pro Spray

Pro Spray


  • Models to fit Rainbird™, Toro™, Richdel™ and Hit nozzles.
  • High strength stainless steel retraction spring ensures pop down.
  • Ratchet spray direction adjustment on all models.
  • Constructed of U.V. resistant non-corrosive ABS and stainless steel parts.
  • Wiper seal – has consistent self flushing performance. Minimum flow by, positive seal and longer wear.
  • Large filter area for debris.
  • Available in 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm and 300mm Pop-up bodies

Shrub Adaptors

  • Designed to accept male or female nozzles and accept pressure compensator device.

Matched Precipitation Nozzles

  • Available in male or female thread.
  • Stainless steel adjustment screws.
  • Pressure compensator device available.
  • 40 spray patterns (different flows)

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