RP High Performance Filter and Waterfall Pumps 10000 – 28000

RP High Performance Filter and Waterfall Pumps 10000 - 28000

REEFE® Filter and Waterfall pumps are a patented design that will deliver the high performance needed for non- pressurised filter systems and spectacular waterfalls. With vortex impellor design (on 10000, 18000 and 28000) and prefilter cage, these pumps will comfortably handle soft solids for filtration. They also feature wear-resistant ceramic bearings and asynchronous motors. Inline/drymounting is possible, with flooded suction. Various threaded fittings included for easy installation. Very easy cage removal for cleaning, fully submersible IP68 and long lasting H05RN-F cables. Due to the high-head performance these pumps are NOT recomended for PRESSURE filters, see Tornado pumps. Not suitable for Saltwater.

Suitable for:
• Water features
• Ponds
• Fountains
• Statues
• Waterfalls
• Filtration

• Quiet, Continuous Operation
• Soft solids handling
• Dry-mount with flooded suction
• Energy Efficient
• Rubber Cable H05RNF
• Foam Pre-Filter
• Adjustable base-plate can be rotated

• Ceramic Bearings
• Thermal Overload Protection


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