Southern Cross Lineshaft Turbine

Southern Cross Lineshaft Turbine

Southern Cross Turbine Pumps suit boreholes of 152mm (6 inch) casing or larger and have capacities of 4 to 63 litres per second (3,000 to 50,000 gallons per hour).


  • Non-corrosive pump is of all gunmetal construction with stainless steel drive shaft and couplings.
  • For installations where conditions will allow, cast iron pumps can be supplied giving less expensive units.
  • Enclosed impellers are less subject to wear, allow easier adjustments when installing, and do not need continual adjustment to maximum efficiency.
  • Water lubricated neoprene rubber bearings for drive shaft in every stage of pump, and every 1.5m of column pipe.
  • Water lubricated bearings and highly polished stainless steel shaft result in very low power loss due to friction.
  • Non-reserve ratchet in driving heads prevents the pump from turning backwards and causing damage.
  • Packing gland in discharge head easily accessible for occasional servicing.
  • Interchangeability of spare parts assured by high manufacturing standards.

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