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Hunter ICV Filter Sentry™


A heavy-duty, high pressure workhorse, with the added benefit of contamination protection. Dirt. It’s a valve’s biggest enemy. But aren’t filters supposed to keep a valve dirt free? Well, most can keep out the big stuff, but what about the microscopic particles – like minerals and algae – that can build up on the diaphragm filter? After all, that kind of contamination, over time, can lead to the product’s premature failure. That’s why Hunter developed Filter Sentry™, a scouring mechanism which continuously works whenever the ICV is operating. Added to all the other outstanding features of the ICV, it results in the most durable and reliable valve available that can consistently withstand pressures of up to 220 PSI. The ICV Filter Sentry™. When it comes to valve performance, there’s no better way to stand guard over dirt.


  • Glass-filled nylon construction:
    220 PSI rated for maximum strength and sturdiness
  • Internal manual bleed:
    Keeps valve box dry
  • Captive solenoid plunger:
    No more lost parts when servicing
  • Captive bonnet bolts with matching brass body inserts:
    Provide ease of service, eliminate lost parts
  • Fabric reinforced diaphragm:
    Provides reliable operation up to 220 PSI
  • Patented filter sentry system:
    Automatically cleans the filter
  • Optional reclaimed water identification handle:
    For field identification of non-potable water supply


  • Flow: 0.9 – 1135.5l/min
  • Pressure: 138 – 1500kPa
  • Temperature: up to 66ºC
  • Heavy-duty solenoids: 24VAC, 475mA inrush current, 230mA holding current, 50 cycles
  • Accu-Set™: 138kPa minimum operating pressure.
    Regulates from 138 – 689kPa

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